How to scare a bear away from the apiary: is it possible to repel and ways of protection

How to scare a bear away from the apiary: is it possible to repel and ways of protection

Sometimes bears can sneak into the apiary, hunting for honey. Having tasted a sweet product once, and knowing where the treat is, the animal will come back again. To protect the hives, you need to know how and with what to scare the bear away from the apiary, what effective methods can be used, what is better to choose and why. How to behave properly if you happen to meet a wild animal.

Why do bears attack the apiary?

The territory of wild lands is shrinking, animals are losing their places where they eat, they start looking for other opportunities to find food, which often leads them to villages and summer cottages. Gradually, the animals get used to and stop being afraid.

Bears attack apiaries because they lack food, mainly plants with a sweet taste. If the hunt is successful, it is difficult to wean the animal from attacking apiaries. The beast ravages as many hives as it needs until it is full. Broken houses and destroyed families remain in place.

Especially often bears attack apiaries in autumn, when they make supplies for wintering. Honey is an excellent energy product, and getting it out of the hive is easy, the animals quickly understand this.

Methods of protection from a wild beast

In order for the animal not to reach the hives, it must not enter the territory of the apiary. You can stop the bear and prevent the destruction of the hives in this way.

Dogs and watchmen

Specially hired guards and trained dogs are the best way to ward off a predator, because the territory will be under control.Dogs trained to guard can easily sense a wild animal and will warn their owners by barking. These do not have to be thoroughbred dogs, the main thing is that the dogs are unpretentious and responsible. If there are a lot of hives, it is recommended to hire a watchman, although he will have to pay, but you don’t have to worry that the animals will be able to approach the hives with impunity.

Strong fence

A bear is a large animal, so that it does not enter the territory of the apiary, it is necessary to protect it with a high and strong fence that the animal cannot knock down or break, such as a wooden fence. The metal mesh is also not suitable, the animal can climb over or dig under the sections.

Suitable option - sheet iron fence - metal sheets are strong and can support the weight of the animal. The height of the fence should be above 2 m, preferably 2.5-3 m. This is necessary so that the bear does not get caught in its claws and climb over the top. On the outside, near the fence, you can put boards with nails driven into them.

Electric fence

Electric fence is a reliable way to scare away wild animals. The fence consists of wires stretched between posts, the wires are energized. It is enough for the animal to feel an electric shock when it touches the wires. In most cases, this is enough to no longer have such a desire. The recommended height of the fence is 3 m. To prevent the electric fence from becoming a source of injury to people, signs warning of danger are hung on it or surrounded by an additional wooden fence.


Animals do not like loud sounds, they get scared and run away from sharp sounds. This can be used against them by setting up an alarm. When touching the wire from which the fence is made, a loud whistle or a blank shot will be heard. The alarm scares off any animals equally well, not only bears, but also unwanted people, therefore, in any case, it will not be superfluous on the site.

Rules of behavior when meeting a bear

If there was a chance meeting with a predator, you should not run, it will only provoke the animal to attack. It can throw hives and chase a person. We must not run, but slowly retreat. If the animal is close, do not look into its eyes. He may interpret a direct look as aggression and attack first.

If the bear is already devastating the hives, don't try to take his prey from him, it will drive him furious. You can not only run, but also turn your back on the animal, it is better not to come close at all. If it itself approaches, you need to try to drive it away with a loud cry. You can’t make sudden movements, it’s best to gradually retreat.

In some regions where forests are close to settlements, bears may visit apiaries to get honey. At the same time, the animals destroy all the hives that they get to, break and drive the bees away. It is difficult to restore the economy later.

The most effective method of protecting the apiary is a watchman with dogs, but if it is difficult to hire him, then you need to install a fence on the site. But not just a fence, but strong and stable so that a strong animal cannot break it. A more modern version of the fence is an electric fence or a fence with an alarm, which are also available for installation in a private apiary.

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