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Florovit for conifers: instructions for the use of fertilizer and consumption rates

Florovit for conifers: instructions for the use of fertilizer and consumption rates

Gardeners pay great attention to the care of fruit crops and forget that ornamental plants also need attention. To feed coniferous plants, manufacturers produce special preparations, the composition of which fills the need for crops in micro- and macroelements. Thanks to such chemicals, they become lush and do not lose the intensity of the color of the needles even in winter. Fertilizer for conifers "Florovit" is produced by a Polish company.

Features of fertilizer for conifers

It is not recommended to fertilize coniferous crops according to the same algorithm as deciduous crops, this will lead to an excess of nutrients.The fact is that spruce, juniper and other representatives of this group do not have full-fledged fruiting, they also do not shed their leaves for the winter period, so they need micro- and macroelements in much smaller quantities than fruit and berry crops.

In the "Florovit" line of the Polish manufacturer there is a special fertilizer intended for coniferous plants. A balanced composition, taking into account the needs of crops, allows you to achieve a decorative look and prevent infection with diseases.

The fertilizer, produced in the form of granules, includes: 8.6% nitrogen compounds, 23.5% potassium and 14.8% phosphorus. In addition to the main nutrients, the composition contains: iron, sulfur and magnesium.

A characteristic feature of top dressing from a Polish manufacturer is that the granules practically do not dissolve in water, which prevents the fertilizer from being washed out by groundwater.

A chemical product designed to feed coniferous plants has several advantages that distinguish it from other similar products:

  • thanks to the application, plant growth is accelerated;
  • crops increase immunity against diseases and pests, as well as resistance to adverse conditions;
  • the drug is allowed to be used in tank mixes after a compatibility test;
  • improving the fertility and quality of land on the site;
  • the chemical does not pose a danger to humans and animals, as well as honey insects;
  • contains no harmful substances and toxins that pollute the soil;
  • fertilizer helps to preserve the green color of the needles in the winter.

The disadvantages include the rather high cost of the drug compared to analogues.

When is it used?

Fertilizer is used both in spring and autumn to feed spruce, cypress, juniper and other coniferous crops. Since the composition does not contain nitrated nitrogen, which provokes strong plant growth, top dressing can be safely applied in preparation for the winter period.

How to use

Florovit fertilizer is used for plants whose height exceeds 1 meter, in the spring the entire rate of the drug is applied once. For one meter of the height of a tree or shrub, it is necessary from 30 to 40 grams of a chemical agent. Fertilizer is scattered in the near-trunk circle and shallowly covered with a rake. Cultures that do not exceed the specified mark are fed, adhering to the norm from 4 to 15 grams per copy. They do this three times a season, the first time in April, the second time in July, and the last time the drug is applied in preparation for winter.

Autumn feeding is carried out according to the same algorithm - the age of the plant and its height are taken into account. Granules are also scattered in the near-stem circle, mixing with the ground. After this, the plant must be watered abundantly.

Safety when working with fertilizer

The chemical preparation belongs to the 4th class of toxicity and is not very dangerous for humans and animals. However, it is still necessary to adhere to elementary safety rules.

When processing, use protective clothing and gloves. At the end of all work, be sure to wash your hands and face with soap and take a shower.

If the drug accidentally gets on the skin or eyes, wash it off with plenty of water. If redness or watery eyes appear, seek medical attention.

Compatibility with other substances

Florovit fertilizer is allowed to be used with other drugs in tank mixes. Before use, it is worth conducting a chemical compatibility test by mixing a handful of each product.

Expiration date and storage conditions

The manufacturer's instructions indicate that the fertilizer retains its working qualities for 5 years from the date of manufacture, with intact original packaging and storage conditions. The room where the chemical is supposed to be kept should be dry and dark, and the temperature should not exceed 30 degrees Celsius.


If there is no Polish fertilizer in the gardening store, it can be replaced with a chemical agent with a similar effect, for example, "Kristalon".

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