Honey soufflé: what is it and how to make it at home, useful properties

Honey soufflé: what is it and how to make it at home, useful properties

The main composition of bee honey is carbohydrates, represented by glucose, fructose and sucrose. The timing of nectar crystallization directly depends on the percentage of useful sugars, but as a result, a quality beekeeping product is still candied. Honey, prepared in the form of a soufflé, acquires an airy, homogeneous texture, does not crystallize and retains all the useful and nutritious properties of a fresh delicacy.

Difference from honey

Bee honey is almost 90% glucose and sucrose, which are found in flower nectar collected by insects from various types of flowering plants.

The ratio of these substances in honey plants varies significantly. Clover nectar contains more glucose, which crystallizes quickly. The delicacy of May primroses is dominated by fructose, which is characterized by long-term sugaring of the product. But even such honey, 6-7 months after pumping out of the hives, acquires a thick, sugary texture, which is not always convenient for the use of a healing product.

Also, the storage conditions affect the crystallization of sweetness. At high temperature and humidity, honey quickly loses its beneficial properties and original characteristics. In the late 1920s, Canadian beekeepers developed a technology for whipping flower nectar into a soufflé.

Product highlights:

  • soufflé does not thicken, which allows you to use healing delicacies without cooking or melting;
  • airy, whipped cream tastes good, likes children, can be used for making confectionery;
  • in the process of whipping, the soufflé does not lose vitamins and beneficial compounds necessary for the life of the human body.

After processing, such honey acquires a light shade, an airy consistency and a long shelf life without crystallization processes.

Important! The composition of the honey soufflé does not change, it contains the same trace elements and nutrients as the fresh product.

Useful properties of honey soufflé

During the preparation of honey soufflé, additional substances and ingredients are not added to the sweet mass, so the composition of the delicacy remains unchanged. Whipped nectar contains more than 300 biologically active substances and compounds, just like a fresh bee product.

In addition to excellent taste characteristics, this honey has healing properties and is used in folk medicine and cosmetology.

Healing nectar is characterized by a tonic and anti-inflammatory effect, activates the protective functions of the body.

As a remedy, whipped honey is recommended for use in the following cases:

  • colds and viral diseases;
  • physical and mental overload;
  • inflammatory processes of the oral mucosa;
  • deviations in the work of the cardiovascular system and digestive organs;
  • respiratory diseases;
  • to activate the brain;
  • helps restore the nervous system, relieves depression and insomnia;
  • has a diuretic effect, used for diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • increases efficiency;
  • cleanses the body of harmful and toxic accumulations.

In cosmetology, soft soufflé is used to make creams and masks for skin care, add it to shampoos and balms for washing hair. If whipped honey is used as a cream for cakes, desserts and pastries, then such a delicacy is not only tasty, but also he althy.

Important! It must be taken into account that the composition of the honey soufflé does not change, and contains the same allergens as a fresh bee product.

Cooking technology

To make an airy soufflé out of bee nectar under industrial conditions, several methods are used to prepare treats.To obtain a homogeneous mass, honey is simultaneously heated to a temperature of +36 degrees and whipped. The finished product is laid out in small containers and infused for up to 10 days at room temperature, after which the delicacy is sent for sale.

To preserve the original value of the nectar, there is a way to get a honey soufflé without using heat. To do this, a small amount of candied nectar is added to liquid honey. Next, the delicacy is insisted for 4-5 days at a temperature not higher than +21 degrees, stirring occasionally, after which it is thoroughly beaten.

Important! Crushed crystals of glucose and fructose are not candied; at a temperature of +15 to +18 degrees, such a product can be stored for more than 12 months.

How to cook at home

To avoid extra costs, honey soufflé can be prepared at home.

This will require:

  • fresh, liquid flower nectar, in the amount of 1 kg;
  • candied honey, in the amount of 100 g;
  • mixer, food processor or regular drill with suitable attachments.

Bee products are mixed and cleaned in a cool, dark place. Then, for 10-14 days, honey is taken out of the refrigerator daily and mixed thoroughly. After reaching the desired color and consistency, the finished cream soufflé is used for consumption. If desired, various berries, fruits, nuts or spices are added to the delicacy.

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