Do-it-yourself apidomik: what it is and how to make it, drawings and dimensions

Do-it-yourself apidomik: what it is and how to make it, drawings and dimensions

Apitherapy house is a building that is made to eliminate human diseases through the use of waste products of bees. It helps to cope with neurosis and prevents the development of cardiovascular pathologies. In order for the creation of a do-it-yourself apidomik to be successful, it is important to complete the drawings and clearly follow certain recommendations.

What is Apidomic and how does it work

This term is understood as a small building in the form of a house, the main purpose of which is to conduct apitherapy. A properly created building allows you to get the feeling of being in a bee hive.The design is made in accordance with special parameters that allow for heat and air exchange in the room. The constant circulation of heat helps create a unique climate.

With the help of Apidomic, it is possible to carry out therapy safely. It completely excludes direct contact with bees. Also, the design helps to carry out therapy while sleeping on the streets. Thanks to the use of a unique technology, staying in the house resembles an inhaler. Inhalation of bee vapors helps to get the following effects:

  • normalize the excretion of sputum from the bronchi;
  • relax and restore sleep;
  • stop persistent migraines;
  • to cope with neuroses;
  • eliminate fungal infections of the lungs.

Apidomik - a structure that is created using the methods of beekeepers. The structure differs only in size and the number of materials used. The structure includes 2-10 bee colonies. The structure must be strong enough.

Dimensional drawing

You can build an apidomik with your own hands. In this case, it is best to choose a place near fruit trees or bushes. It is important that the structure is not located in a draft.

To achieve the desired results, you should make a drawing. In this case, it is recommended to adhere to these sizes:

  • internal dimensions of the room - 200x200 centimeters;
  • outer dimensions, including trim, - 220x220 centimeters;
  • hive dimensions - 100x55x60 centimeters;
  • metal base of beams, which is used as a foundation - 10x10 centimeters;
  • frame made of wooden bars, which is being built over the base - 10x10 centimeters.


The main task of the apidomik is to place a person closer to the bees. At the same time, it is important to create comfortable conditions, protect yourself from insect bites and not provoke disruption of life in the hives. There are no typical designs of apidomics. The construction is comfortable, given the following features:

  1. Location of the house. The structure should not be located on elevated areas or in drafts. It is best to place it near fruit trees. When choosing a place for a structure, qualified specialists also take into account parts of the world or use the recommendations of Tibetan medicine.
  2. Materials. To create a structure, it is allowed to use only coniferous wood. The prerequisites for choosing materials for decoration include environmental friendliness and hypoallergenicity. Also, the material should not have a strong odor.
  3. Foundation. Foundation laying is excluded. In this case, the structure should not be in contact with the ground, otherwise there is a risk of its decay. It is best to put a solid structure made of metal bars. The interval to the ground surface should be 50 centimeters.
  4. Hives. The number of hives is determined by the size of the house being built. They are recommended to be painted in different shades. This way the bees will get to their home faster.
  5. Roof. She needs to be warmed up. It is recommended to give preference to tiles made of natural clay. It should be free of impurities.
The design can be quite simple. At the same time, a sunbed is simply placed on the hives. To make such a healing bed, 2-4 hives and 4 square meters of gauze are enough. You will also need wooden boards. In this case, therapeutic sleep is possible only in the fresh air, and this is the main disadvantage of the structure.

To make a complete house, you will need windows, walls, a roof and a door. Designs can be different - it all depends on the size, number of hives and beds. A small house can have dimensions of 2x2 meters. The number of hives is 4 - 2 pieces for each bed.

So, to make a beehive with your own hands, it is recommended to do the following:

  1. Make a drawing. In this case, it is worth determining the size of the room. It is recommended to do this from the outside and inside, taking into account the upholstery, the size of doors and windows.
  2. Dig 4 metal posts into the corners of the base. They need to be deepened by 1 meter. 50 centimeters should remain above the ground. You need to install 1 piece of evidence in the corners.
  3. Place wooden bars into the racks, submerging them 40 centimeters. In this case, they need to be fixed with bolts. From above, connect the racks with bars of such dimensions that each one protrudes outward by 10 centimeters.
  4. Fold the walls of the boards, joining them to the frame and to each other. When doing this, it is important to remember about windows and doors.
  5. Lay a plywood floor.
  6. Make 2 beds and set up a table.
  7. Glaze the windows. It is recommended to make them panoramic. Install the door so that it closes securely.
  8. Build a frame for the roof. It is best to make it pyramidal. The bars need to be attached to the prepared corners on each side.
  9. Cover the roof with metal tiles. Walls and doors should be sheathed with materials that are resistant to moisture.

Rules of application

In order for the use of apidomics to be effective, it is recommended to consider the following:

  1. You can use the houses from April to October.
  2. It is best to lie directly on the boards. At the same time, it is not required to lay mattresses - a roller under the head is enough. 2 hours of such sleep is comparable to 8 hours of ordinary rest.
  3. Full results will be achieved after a course of therapy that includes 10-15 sessions.
  4. It is best to carry out the procedure late in the evening. It is at this time that the bees fly home.

Apidomic is considered to be an effective structure that can be used to improve the functioning of the body. In order for the design to give the desired effect, it is important to make it correctly and learn how to use it correctly.

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