Is it possible to store honey in the refrigerator: where is it better to put and expiration date

Is it possible to store honey in the refrigerator: where is it better to put and expiration date

Honey is a natural component, and there are certain rules for its storage. A cool and dark place ensures that bee products retain their beneficial and gustatory properties for a long time. We will give some advice: at what temperature, where to keep, and whether it is possible to store honey in a kitchen cabinet or refrigerator. Following the recommendations will help preserve the benefits and exceptional taste of the product for a long time.

Exposure to cold temperatures

Honey has a very long shelf life, and it is important to keep it in the right conditions, since its beneficial properties depend on it. Store the jar in a shady place, such as a closed cupboard. Try to hide the mass away from sunlight.

Temperature is a very important factor here. It is good if the storage location is from 8 to 10 degrees Celsius. When the temperature reaches 17-18 degrees, then honey begins to turn into grains, the lower it is, the longer it can be stored. The best place is a cool pantry or cellar. Of course, some product for consumption in the near future can be stored in a cabinet and at a higher temperature, it will not crystallize too quickly. But in both cases, we protect it from sunlight.

What happens if you freeze

If we want to store honey for more than a few months, we can freeze it. But this will affect its useful properties. A frozen product lasts longer than one stored in a jar in a dark place. In the freezer, it will remain usable for several years, as the crystallization process stops.

Pay attention! Crystallization of honey is a natural and inevitable process.Glucose is converted faster and fructose remains in the surrounding syrup. The mass crystallizes depending on the type. In some species, this occurs immediately in the entire mass, in others it occurs more slowly, starting, for example, from the lower layers.

Crystallization does not affect the quality of the product. It occurs at a temperature of 17 to 18 degrees Celsius.

If it is below 0, the process stops, but if you leave the mass at a temperature of 25-35 degrees, it becomes liquid.

Expiration date

The official shelf life of the bee product is 3 years.

Please note that not all varieties of honey have such a long shelf life. For example, nectar collected by bees in a dry summer or late autumn has a shorter shelf life.Some varieties are susceptible to yeast growth and gradual fermentation. Also, a product that has various additives can be stored for about a year hermetically sealed, and 2 months if you open it.

  • At room temperature (in the closet, in the pantry), the shelf life is six months.
  • If you store the product in the freezer, the shelf life is extended to a year.
  • In a cool basement with a temperature not exceeding 8 degrees, honey is perfectly stored for three years.

What to store in

Honey should be stored in glass jars or porcelain containers. The vast majority of products on the market meet this condition. Only a few beekeepers offer their goods in plastic buckets.Manufacturers of plastic containers say honey can be stored in them for up to 6 months.

Bee product can easily and quickly absorb foreign odors, so do not leave it near strong odors. Also, do not store it in metal containers, in which case it may acquire a metallic taste.

Besides the tendency to absorb odors, honey also has hygroscopic properties and easily absorbs water and water vapor. If it is stored in unsealed packaging, its top layer is diluted. Because of this, yeast can form, which causes the fermentation process. As a result, the taste of honey changes and it becomes unusable.

A big mistake we often make is the choice of liquid honey. If you find such a product in the winter, it is either fake and imported, or simply overheated to keep its liquid form longer.

How long can you keep in the fridge

The best place to store honey is the refrigerator. If you have a lot of space in it, store it in the refrigerator. The low temperature will extend the shelf life up to three years and prevent the product from crystallizing. Do not forget to cork the mass stored in the refrigerator very carefully so that it does not absorb foreign odors. For this, it is better to use sealed glass containers.

Honey easily absorbs moisture and odor from the environment. It must always be tightly closed in the jar, otherwise the product will simply ferment in a few months.

Important! You should not again put a once licked spoon into a jar of honey. Enzymes contained in human saliva lead to spoilage of the product.

Try to sweeten teas and other drinks when they are cooled below 40 degrees C. When overheated, the product loses a lot of its beneficial properties.

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