DIY wax press: types and models, drawings and manufacturing instructions

DIY wax press: types and models, drawings and manufacturing instructions

Voskopress, or apiary press, many beekeepers do with their own hands, because they take into account the volume of honey that their apiary produces. There are several types of equipment, but all have the same principle of operation. The wax press is easy to use and is an important element in every apiary. It allows you to simplify the harvesting of honey and increase profits.

What is this

Wax press is a device that presses wax from honeycombs. The device allows pressing for further processing and sale. In this case, the wax comes out clean, without impurities.

Wax press for wringing, regardless of the type of design, at the beginning of work brings the raw material to a certain temperature, after which it is immersed in a special compartment for subsequent pressing. Under the influence of a centrifuge, the liquid fraction of the feedstock is processed. Pure wax flows down the chute or through the holes into the prepared container.

After the procedure, the remaining components are removed from the equipment. The parts of the mechanism must be thoroughly rinsed and dried.

Advantages and disadvantages

Using a press made by yourself for wringing is fully justified due to the following advantages:

  • high performance;
  • obtaining a pure product of excellent quality;
  • cost savings;
  • light and compact device;
  • easy to use.

There are also possible disadvantages, to which beekeepers attribute the laboriousness of the rendering process. They note that it is not easy to withstand high temperatures in a mortar. In addition, not everyone can afford to make equipment. You need to have the necessary skills and a little understanding of the drawings. You also need to purchase structural parts.

Types and models

There are several varieties of the device:

  1. Kulakov's apparatus. The design is a cross between a handheld device and an industrial one. It can be used at home.
  2. Manual device. It is appreciated by owners of small apiaries and beginner beekeepers. It is small in size, up to 40 liters in volume, the cost is low. Drawbacks include manual heating and not very good cleansing.
  3. Industrial type device. It is not possible to make such a device at home.

For self-production of a wax press, drawings of a hand-held device or Kulakov's apparatus are used.

Required tools and materials

For self-production of a wax press, it is necessary to prepare materials and tools in advance. First of all, you need to find a large capacity. Many use a drum from a washing machine or other metal structure. It is durable and reliable, unlike a wooden barrel, which is often used by beekeepers. It is difficult to clean it, but the main thing is that the barrel swells from constant temperature changes and high humidity.

The spinning process requires a screw, a steam piston. It is desirable to make the filter from a material that is denser in strength than flax. Sometimes beekeepers prefer to choose burlap for this purpose, as well as gauze folded in several layers.

Non-standard solution - wax press from a gas cylinder. To preserve heat, it is wrapped around with wood or foam. The bottom is pre-cut. Stability is given with the help of pipes, in addition, it is necessary to provide a drain hole.

For self-production you will need:

  • hammer;
  • metal saw or grinder;
  • grinding and inverter machine;
  • electrodes.
From the materials for the wax press, you will need metal rods, an iron pipe with a diameter of 25 cm, wood bars, a small bar of metal.

How to make a wax press with your own hands

It is customary to make a homemade wax press from improvised materials. At the heart of a drum from a typewriter, cans or a gas cylinder. Two metal containers, one of which will serve as a stupa. It must be sealed.

The second container must fit in the first. Pipes must be welded to it from above by inserting a threaded screw in the middle. Due to its rotation, the inner part will move down, squeezing out the product. When assembling, attention should be paid to parts that should not contain traces of corrosion. Do not neglect the drawings, they will help to make a device that will last a long time.

How to use

Raw materials in a strong bag are placed in a wax press. Under the influence of the screw, the liquid fraction is gradually squeezed out. Purified wax through the holes goes into a pre-prepared container. Waste remains in the fabric.

When working with a manual wax press, it is important to tightly twist the bag. The tighter it is twisted, the more refined wax is obtained as a result. The wax is of good quality but cannot be fully squeezed out.

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