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Fertilizers Organic Mix: instructions for use and composition, principle of action

Fertilizers Organic Mix: instructions for use and composition, principle of action

Fertilizers "Organic Mix" are natural preparations that are distinguished by a balanced composition. They can be applied to various categories of plants. Moreover, top dressing is used at all stages of crop growth. With the help of such means, it is possible to increase yield parameters, improve the taste of fruits, and reduce the need for watering. To achieve noticeable effects, it is important to follow the instructions for using Organic Mix fertilizers.

What is this fertilizer

The "Organic Mix" line of fertilizers are useful products that are made on the basis of natural elements. Their distinctive feature is considered to be a high moisture content and an abundance of nutrients necessary for plants.


"Organic Mix" is a line of different dressings that differ in composition and principle of action. In such fertilizers there are more than 17 active micro and macro elements. They also contain many valuable amino acids.

Each of the compositions is created individually for a specific group of crops. This helps to avoid possible difficulties in growing and get a bountiful harvest. It is important to choose the right type of drug.

Unique fertilizer ingredients

Many important components are used in the production of Organic Mix preparations. The most unusual components of such funds include the following:

  1. Fermented beans. These ingredients are considered among the most important. The peculiarity of legumes lies in the fact that unique bacteria live on their roots.They retain the nutrients contained in the soil. These bacteria take nitrogen from the atmosphere and create a nutrient medium for plants. Through the fermentation process, the unique properties of legumes are enhanced. This helps to get the perfect ingredient for organic supplements.
  2. Bone meal. This substance contains a lot of phosphorus, which is required for the development of strong and he althy roots.
  3. Seaweed. In the production of Organic Mix fertilizers, only algae from the northern seas are used, which are environmentally friendly. In addition, due to cold water and harsh conditions for growth, a maximum of valuable components accumulate in algae. These include, in particular, growth hormones, natural amino acids, glucose. Micronized algae contribute to the rapid development of crops and protect them from pathologies and the effects of low temperatures.
  4. Fish meal. This substance is considered an excellent source of organic phosphorus and amino acids. This component is important for the full formation of the root system of crops.
  5. Melassa. This ingredient is required to normalize the structure of the soil. It is distinguished by the action of a catalyst and is considered a conductor for other nutrients. The substance enhances and accelerates their effect. In addition, molasses is an indispensable source of fast sugars that are easily absorbed by cultivated plants.

Operation principle

The drug provides plants with essential nutrients and has a prolonged effect. Thanks to this, it is possible to significantly increase yield parameters, reduce the need for irrigation and make the soil much more fertile.

What is used for

The tool has a complex effect on plants. It is used to solve such problems:

  • improving the taste of fruits;
  • increasing yield parameters;
  • improvement of soil structure - the use of funds helps to restore its composition, make the soil more loose and soft.

Since the substance is allowed to be used for a wide variety of crops, it is important to strictly adhere to the dosage. It differs depending on the plants.

Better than organic fertilizer

Preparations from the "Organic Mix" line have a lot of advantages. The distinctive features of these funds include the following:

  1. Organic composition. This means that such preparations do not contain harmful chemical elements that can harm the environment.
  2. Diverse composition. Fertilizers from this line include 17 organic ingredients. Depending on the type of substance, the composition may vary slightly. The abundance of components allows you to saturate the soil and plants with a large number of valuable elements.
  3. High efficiency. Preparations "Organic Mix" are considered very high quality. They stimulate yields, improve crop development, and make the soil fertile.
  4. Improve palatability and increase yield. With regular use of top dressing, it is possible to make vegetables, fruits and berries much tastier.
  5. Easy to use. Each package contains detailed instructions for use.
  6. Expiration date. The drug functions for 3.5 months after application. The substance is not washed out and gradually releases useful elements.
  7. Plant-safe composition. Top dressing does not provoke burns of the root system, like humus or manure.
  8. Beneficial effect on the soil. When applying the substance, it is possible to increase the moisture capacity and improve the structure of the earth.

Organic Mix preparations are difficult to compare with other organic substances. They differ in recipe and more gentle effect. In addition, the products from this line are characterized by ease of use.

Instructions for use

When using a substance, it is important to focus on its variety. In the case of using universal top dressing, it is recommended to adhere to the following rules:

  1. Feed around the plant, water the soil and cover with mulch.
  2. At the stage of planting seeds or lawn, it is worth using 100 grams of product per 1 square meter.
  3. When growing tomatoes or peppers, it is worth using 20 grams of the substance per 1 bush.
  4. When planting fruit crops, it is worth making from 100 grams for a seedling aged 1-2 years. For trees aged 3-5 years, it is recommended to apply from 200 grams of the product.

Tips for better results

Applying is very easy. To get the desired result, it is recommended to follow these rules:

  1. Apply the preparation to the soil around the plants.
  2. Water the beds.
  3. Cover the treated areas with a layer of mulch.
  4. Clearly observe the dosage and timing of the application of the substance.


The drug has a safe composition. However, when applying it, precautions must be taken. When fertilizing, it is important to use protective equipment. This requires wearing goggles, gloves, a respirator. Do not eat, drink or smoke while working. After completing the processing of the beds, it is worth washing your hands and face with soap.

"Organic Mix" is a series of effective nutrients that help to saturate the soil with useful elements. Thanks to this, it is possible to significantly increase the yield of crops and make them more sustainable. To get the desired results, you should choose the right type of drug. It is also necessary to strictly observe the dosage and timing of the introduction of the substance.Compliance with safety regulations is of great importance.

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