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How to transplant a spruce on a site from place to place: rules and when it is better to do it

How to transplant a spruce on a site from place to place: rules and when it is better to do it

Spruce is a fairly common ornamental plant, which is grown by many gardeners. This culture fits perfectly into various compositions and serves as a real decoration of the site. At the same time, sometimes gardeners have a question about how to transplant a spruce on a site from place to place. For this procedure to be successful, it is important to follow the rules.

Is it possible to transplant spruce

Quite often, when growing spruce, there is a need to transplant it. Many varieties are considered fairly large plants that are characterized by rapid growth.So that the conifer does not interfere with other crops and does not harm buildings, it should be moved to a new place. Also, many summer residents transplant seedlings from the forest to the site.

When is the best time to do it

In order for the transplantation of spruce seedlings to be successful, it is important to choose the right time for this. First of all, it is worth considering the condition of the soil. It must be sufficiently warm and humid. Therefore, it is recommended to move the spruce to a new place in the fall or spring. It is best to work during the rainy season.

In the summer, it is also allowed to perform transplant work. However, keep in mind the following:

  1. It is not recommended to dig up a tree in extreme heat.
  2. It is best to work in the late afternoon.
  3. When digging up a tree, you should also take a large clod of soil. This will help to avoid breaking the integrity of the roots.
  4. For rooting in a new place, it is worth using the Kornevin solution. This will help make the onboarding process as successful as possible.

Seedling selection

In order for the plant to easily adapt to a new place, it is worth choosing the right seedling. It is important that the tree is young, strong and he althy. Experts believe that the most robust are plants that have grown on the edge, roadside or clearing. They have good immunity and easily adapt to new conditions.

Young plants 50-100 centimeters in size are considered suitable for transplantation, which have evenly growing symmetrical branches, he althy needles and a straight trunk. The plant should be carefully looked at for damage and checked for serious defects.

How to dig up a tree

To easily transplant spruce, you need to properly prepare. To do this, it is recommended to take the following:

  • garden shovel;
  • 1 square meter piece of cotton fabric - it is required in order to wrap the root system;
  • colored tape - designed to make marks on the tree;
  • 10 liter water canister;
  • large package;
  • rope for fixing the seedling during transportation.

It is recommended to dig a deepening on the site in advance so that after moving the tree can be planted immediately. Digging up spruce must be done carefully so that it does not suffer. In this case, you should do the following:

  1. Water the plant to soften the soil and facilitate the digging process. After that, it is important to wait at least half an hour for the water to soak in.
  2. Apply markings on the spruce trunk using colored tape. In this case, it is required to indicate which side is directed to the north, and which - to the south. In the country, the tree is recommended to be placed in the same way as in nature.
  3. Mark the area around the trunk. It is worth retreating 50-70 centimeters from it. This can be done with a shovel. To do this, make a small indentation around the plant.
  4. Pull out the plant with a large earthy clod. In this case, it is required to gradually deepen the excavated ditch. The spruce needs to be carefully lifted and placed under the fabric.
  5. Wrap the root system and tie the ends of the fabric. After that, the plant can be transported to a new site.
In order for a young spruce to better adapt to new conditions, you need to take a small amount of soil from its habitat and add it to the recess when planting. In this case, it is worth using the top layer, which is the most fertile.

How to ship

In order for a new tree to take root better, it is important to follow the simple rules of its transportation. It is important to do the following:

  1. Save the soil lump and ensure its integrity. Use a damp, breathable cloth for this.
  2. Tie the branches with a rope, gently pulling them to the trunk. This will help avoid damage.
  3. Transportation to carry out on a horizontal or inclined surface. This will help prevent damage to the barrel.
  4. Transport the tree as quickly as possible. This will help avoid losing a lot of nutrients.

Choosing a landing site

To plant a spruce from the forest, it is important to choose the right place for planting. This culture can reach a height of 10 meters. In this case, the size of the crown is 5 meters. Therefore, you need to choose a place for landing very carefully. A suitable option would be a site where fruit trees do not grow nearby.

This rule must be observed. The fact is that spruce depletes the soil. Therefore, the neighborhood of culture with fruit plants will negatively affect their development. In addition, crumbling needles make the soil more acidic. This is not suitable for all plants.

Before choosing a site for planting, it is worth considering that spruce is a fairly tall plant. Therefore, wires should not lie above it. A coniferous plant should be planted at least 15 meters from buildings and structures.

The composition of the soil in which spruce grows is of great importance. The soil in the forest is significantly different from the land in the summer cottage. In order for the transplant to be successful, you need to grab several buckets of soil from the place where the spruce was dug up.

Another feature of the transplant is the need to mark the south side of the trunk. In order for the spruce to take root better, it should be planted in the same direction. If you violate this recommendation, the tree will constantly get sick and eventually die.

Boarding process

To plant a coniferous crop in a new place, it is recommended to do the following:

  1. Dig a hole in the area.
  2. Place a spruce in the hole. In this case, the tissue should not be removed from the root system. It is enough to untie it and place it at the bottom of the pit. Thanks to this, it will be possible to maintain moisture parameters and avoid overdrying of the root system.
  3. Fill the hole with soil from the forest.
  4. Plentifully water the plant. It is important to constantly monitor the condition of the soil so that it does not dry out.

The nuances of this operation

Planting spruce on a new site has many features:

  1. Plant spruce stands in a not too sunny area. This is best done in autumn or spring.
  2. When choosing a seedling, you should give preference to a plant no more than 1 meter high. Large trees are recommended to be dug up with a special rooter. It helps to hold the roots and avoid damage to the crown.
  3. It is recommended to transplant in not very hot weather.
  4. After planting, the tree needs to be watered abundantly. It is important to ensure that the soil does not dry out.

Suitable for large trees

Many gardeners are unwilling to grow a large tree from a small seedling. Therefore, they want to plant an adult culture right away. At the same time, experts note that adult coniferous trees take root much worse than young ones. It takes at least 3 years for them to fully root. The first year is considered the most difficult.

If you plan to plant a large crop, you should give preference to spruces from special nurseries. This is due to the fact that they undergo multiple transplants. By the time of purchase, such plants have an impressive and powerful root system.

Transplanting spruce to a new site has a number of features. For the procedure to be successful, it is important to choose the right seedling and site for it. Compliance with the rules for carrying out landing work is of great importance. Quality care after their completion is also very important.

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