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El Rydal: description, planting and care, application in landscape design

El Rydal: description, planting and care, application in landscape design

Rydal spruce has a compact size and grows a maximum of 8 centimeters during the year. A distinctive feature of the culture is the pyramidal crown. All these advantages allow the plant to be used for decorating garden plots. This coniferous culture looks great as a tapeworm and goes well with other plants.

What a tree looks like

According to the description, common spruce Rydal is a dwarf crop that has excellent decorative properties. A distinctive feature of the plant is the rich color of young shoots. They are characterized by a bright crimson hue.

The plant has rather slow development. The annual growth of culture does not exceed 8 centimeters. By the age of 10, the tree grows to a maximum of 1-1.2 meters. Adult culture does not exceed 3-4 meters. A distinctive feature of the variety is the conical shape of the crown. At the same time, the plant easily tolerates pruning.

Spruce of this variety is characterized by moderately soft needles 3 cm long. The young growth has an unusual crimson growth. Gradually, it brightens and after 3 weeks becomes green.

Spruce of this variety is considered a light-loving plant. Only when grown in sunny areas is it possible to achieve maximum decorative culture. However, even in partial shade, the plant develops well.

Another feature of the culture is considered to be a high degree of frost resistance. The plant is able to withstand temperatures down to -40 degrees. For planting a tree, it is recommended to use acidic or slightly acidic soil.

Application in landscape design

Sydal spruce is best used as a tapeworm. It can also be part of a simple landscape composition. However, in this case, it is recommended to use a minimum of additions.

In addition, spruce needs acidic soil and creates a shadow. Therefore, not every culture will survive next to it. Good additions include lilies of the valley, sour and astilbe. Also, ferns develop well near the spruce.

Planting and care

Spruce Sobbing is best planted in a well-lit area. If this is not possible, penumbra is also suitable for culture. When choosing a soil, it is worth giving preference to an acidic or slightly acidic substrate.

In order for a tree to develop normally and retain its decorative effect, it needs to be properly looked after. Watering the crop is recommended only in dry weather. In this case, young seedlings should be moistened once a week. For 1 plant, it is worth using 10-12 liters of water.

In the first years after planting, the trunk circle must be loosened. This should be done to a depth of 5 centimeters. This procedure will ensure the supply of oxygen to the roots of plants. Fertilizers are recommended to be applied 2 times during the season. For this purpose, it is worth using a special compound for coniferous plants.

Pest control

Sometimes the Sobbing spruce is attacked by pests. To a greater extent, it is susceptible to the following parasites:

  1. Spruce aphid - absorbs all the juices of the tree and covers the shoots with bloom. Soap solution will help to cope with pests.
  2. Spider mite - feeds on spruce juice. When a tree is damaged by pests, dots and thin cobwebs can be seen on the needles. Acaricides will help to destroy parasites.
  3. Coniferous bug - provokes yellowing of needles. With a slight damage to the tree, treatment with tobacco infusion is enough. With strong attacks of pests, it will not be possible to do without insecticidal preparations.

El Rydal is a popular coniferous culture that fits perfectly into a variety of garden compositions. To grow a tree successfully, you need to properly care for it.

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