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Spruce with red cones: description of the 4 best varieties, care rules

Spruce with red cones: description of the 4 best varieties, care rules
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A garden decorated with coniferous plants always looks very decorative. Moreover, it retains its attractiveness throughout the year. Spruces with red cones look especially impressive. They can be used as the main accent or combined with other cultures. Such trees harmoniously look with barberry, hostas, spirea. They should also be combined with stonecrop and other cultures. Today, many varieties of such conifers are known.


This variety is characterized by interesting pale pink buds. Over time, they acquire a spectacular raspberry-purple color. Ripe fruits turn completely red-violet-brown.

Cones appear on the tips of young branches as early as 6-9 years of age. Spruce Push is distinguished by its compact size, which makes it possible to actively use it in landscape design. An adult culture usually does not exceed 1 meter in height. It is worth noting that this plant is often grafted onto a trunk. This makes it possible to obtain an interesting tree shape.

Lucky Strike

Prickly spruce Lucky Strike is an ornamental crop that has a slow growth rate. This coniferous plant has an unusual wide conical crown. An adult culture reaches a height of 2 meters. At the same time, the diameter of its crown reaches 1.5 meters. During the year, the spruce grows by 15 centimeters.

Spruce is characterized by short hard needles of dark green color. It has a pronounced brilliance and reaches a length of 2-3 centimeters. Young growth is characterized by a spectacular yellow-green tint. Curved shoots are considered another feature of spruce.

The plant has beautiful large buds. At first they have a purple-red tint. Subsequently, the fruits become brown. Spruce Lucky Strike is recommended to be grown in sunny areas. It should be planted in moderately moist soil. Suitable options would be light loam, sandy or sandy soil. Spruce of this variety is characterized by high resistance to frost. Therefore, it can not be covered for the winter. The tree easily withstands pruning.


This plant has an asymmetrical shape. However, this does not spoil the culture at all, but rather gives it a special charm. The tree is characterized by compact dimensions, therefore it does not obscure or clutter up the site.

The height of an adult culture does not exceed 3-4 meters. At the same time, her shoots lean slightly downward. The central trunk is usually not visible. Akron spruce is characterized by rich green needles.At the same time, young needles are distinguished by a lighter color. The culture is characterized by a straight trunk, which is covered with a thin rough bark.

Cones, which are distinguished by a rich red or purple hue, give a special decorative effect to the culture. As they mature, they become light brown. The fruits are cylindrical in shape and are placed at the ends of the fruits.

Bonsai Blue

This plant belongs to the Korean firs. It is a dwarf shrub, which is characterized by blue needles. During the first 5-8 years, the plant is characterized by a wide asymmetrical crown. After that, a leading shoot is formed on it, which eventually acquires a wide conical shape. By the age of 10, the plant does not exceed 50 centimeters in height. At the same time, the width of its crown reaches 1 meter.

The variety Bonsai Blue is characterized by short green-blue needles and interesting blue-violet buds. They appear in large numbers at a young age.

Spruces with red cones look impressive and decorative. Therefore, they are often used to decorate garden plots. In order for the cultivation of such crops to be successful, it is important to strictly follow the rules for growing plants.

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