Beeswax: benefits and harms, home use

Beeswax: benefits and harms, home use

Beeswax is an organic substance produced by the wax glands of honey bees to build honeycombs. This agent is a multi-component solid that may have a white and yellowish tint. It has a pronounced honey aroma. Under the influence of sunlight in thin layers, beeswax becomes lighter in color. If propolis is included, the mass may become greenish.

What is it and how is it obtained

Natural beeswax is considered a complex organic compound that is a waste product of bees. It is a solid substance with a characteristic honey aroma. This mass is white, yellow-brown or greenish in color.

The substance does not mix with water, practically does not dissolve in alcohol and begins to melt at +70 degrees. When soft, the mass can take almost any shape.

Wax secrete honey bees from special glands. This substance is required for the construction of honeycombs. Most intensively mass is produced by young individuals. Spring wax has a white tint, while later wax has a yellowish tint.

Composition and benefits of beeswax

This bee product is characterized by a rather complex composition - it includes more than 50 different ingredients and compounds. It is with them that the beneficial properties of the substance are associated. So, it includes the following components:

  • 75% esters;
  • 10-15% saturated hydrocarbons;
  • 10-15% free fatty acids;
  • 2% water;
  • 1-2% vitamins and minerals;
  • 1-2% impurities in the form of propolis, pollen, larvae.

The percentage of useful components can be different - it all depends on the seasonal factor and the type of bees. The main part is esters. It is these components that allow the mass to persist for a long time without changing the structure.

The substance is very useful for the human body. It can be successfully used to treat the following pathologies:

  • peptic ulcer;
  • wounds;
  • burns;
  • pathologies of the upper respiratory tract - in particular, sinusitis, laryngitis, tonsillitis, sinusitis and others;
  • dysbacteriosis;
  • gynecological pathologies;
  • joint damage;
  • dental disorders - with the help of wax it is possible to get rid of plaque, stomatitis, periodontal disease;
  • age-related changes in the skin, the appearance of wrinkles and a decrease in the elasticity of the dermis;
  • acne;
  • corns, corns, warts.

Besides this, wax has other uses:

  • In the production of cheese, the substance is used to cover the fermented milk product. This helps protect it from moisture loss and flavor degradation.
  • Furniture and parquet industries use wax as a natural polishing material.
  • The product is used in the production of mastics, lubricants, candles.
  • In the cosmetics industry, the substance is used to produce natural skin and hair care products.
  • Beekeepers use pulp to make foundation.
  • In the foundry, the substance is used to make molds for further casting.


Today there are many wax-based recipes that help to cope with various disorders in the body.

For sinusitis

Even in ancient times, wax was used to combat sinusitis. To cope with this unpleasant disease at home, you need to take 20 grams of wax and 2 tablespoons of yarrow. Vegetable raw materials must be crushed to a state of powder.

Warm composition should be applied to the area of the maxillary sinuses.

Places of application of the product should be insulated with a warm cloth. The procedure must be repeated in the morning and evening until the sinusitis is gone. In addition, traditional healers advise chewing pure wax to get rid of sinusitis, tonsillitis or rhinitis.

For periodontal disease and weak tooth enamel

Beeswax is useful for strengthening gums and protecting tooth enamel. It needs to be chewed and spit out. Such manipulation should be carried out for a specific period of time 1 time per day.

For joints and tissues

Honey product successfully copes with articular pathologies. To do this, it must be used to prepare compresses and ointments.

To achieve the desired results, it is worth melting the wax in a water bath, apply it on thick cotton and leave for 10-15 minutes.

After that, apply a compress to the affected joints for a quarter of an hour. It is important to wrap this area with a warm woolen scarf. After application, it is important to avoid hypothermia of the joint. The procedure should be carried out every day. The course of treatment is 10-14 days.

Skin Diseases

Beeswax is great for eczema, psoriasis and other dermatological pathologies. To improve your condition, it is recommended to take the following ingredients:

  • 1 tablespoon beeswax;
  • 1-2 tbsp honey;
  • 2 garlic cloves;
  • 5-6 white lily petals.

Garlic is recommended to be peeled, grated, placed on cheesecloth and squeezed out. Beeswax should be put in a separate container and melted in a steam bath. Then add honey, garlic juice and crushed lily petals to the substance. The resulting composition is heated for a quarter of an hour on a steam bath. Then the mass must be cooled, strained and applied for half an hour on the skin. Then it needs to be washed off with warm water.

To combat trophic ulcers, psoriasis and eczema, you can make a remedy from the following ingredients:

  • 200 grams of wax;
  • 200 grams of resin;
  • 1.4 liters of olive oil;
  • 100 grams of thistle;
  • 100 grams of nettle;
  • 40 grams of boudra;
  • 40 grams of burdock;
  • 100 grams of swamp arrow;
  • 20 grams of hemp seeds.

Fresh herbs are recommended to pour 1 liter of oil and cook for 2 hours. In another container, you need to melt the wax, resin and remaining oil. Then strain the herbal decoction and mix it with melted wax. Hold the finished composition again on low heat for 1 hour. After that, it needs to be filtered and poured into glass containers. Store stock in a cool place.

To get rid of dermatological pathologies, the remedy must be applied to the affected areas and kept for half an hour.The composition must be carefully removed with a cotton pad dipped in vegetable oil, and then washed off with warm water and soap. You need to use the remedy until the problem disappears.

To speed up the recovery process after wounds and burns, it is recommended to mix wax with olive oil in a ratio of 1:2. The finished composition must be applied to the damaged area. However, it is recommended to pre-treat this place with hydrogen peroxide. To achieve the best effect, it is recommended to alternate the treatment of wounds with honey ointment.

Corns and calluses

Beeswax is often used to combat calluses and corns. To achieve good results, it is recommended to take 100 grams of wax and melt it in a steam bath. Then mix the composition with the same amount of propolis and add the juice of one lemon.

Make thin cakes from the resulting product and apply them to problem areas.Then fix the mass with a medical plaster and keep it for several days. To make the procedure more effective, it is worth steaming your legs. To do this, you need to make a bath using soda.

Cold diseases

Beeswax is often used to prepare remedies for colds and strengthen the immune system. Wax contains many substances that can relieve acute symptoms of diseases and strengthen the immune system.

One of the most effective remedies is dry inhalation, which can be done with a cold. To do this, do the following:

  • Take 50 grams of wax and heat to 40 degrees.
  • Roll out the mass into a cake.
  • Inhale therapeutic vapors for a quarter of an hour. This should be done before bed.
  • Perform the procedure every day for a week.

Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

Natural beeswax is often used to make home remedies that are used to combat gastric and duodenal ulcers. With the help of the bee base, it is possible to speed up the healing process and achieve a slight antibacterial effect.

Cough and sinusitis

Beeswax is great for preparing inhaled formulations that help get rid of coughs and runny noses. Also, on the basis of the product, compresses are made, which are used to combat bronchitis and pneumonia. In addition, the product successfully treats pharyngitis, stomatitis, tonsillitis.


Adding a small amount of wax to homemade formulations can achieve a relaxing effect. With its help, it is possible to restore normal sleep and strengthen the nervous system.

For the treatment of the nail plate

Beeswax perfectly restores the structure of weakened nail plates. This substance saturates them with nutrients and has a strengthening effect. The mass is also characterized by disinfecting and anti-inflammatory properties.

A natural bee product can be used in many ways. The most common options include the following:

  • paraffin therapy - is a warm wax bath;
  • rubbing the mass into the nail plates;
  • using a natural wax cream with essential oils.

Procedures for sealing and polishing nail plates are very popular. They involve the application of a thin wax film that does not wash off. Thanks to this, it is possible to protect the nails from the influence of external factors.

You can make cosmetic wax at home. To do this, it is recommended to do the following:

  • Take 20 grams of cosmetic wax and melt in a steam bath.
  • Add coconut, almond or olive oil to the composition. This ingredient should be the main fat component.
  • Take distilled water and heat it up to +37 degrees.
  • Add 3-5 drops of essential oils to the composition. At the same time, it is worth choosing a specific tool taking into account the existing problems. For brittle and dull plates, it is worth using cedar, bergamot, thyme oil. To improve the color of yellowed nails, use lemon oil.If the plates exfoliate, cedar or pine oil will do. To combat inflammation, use chamomile or rosemary oil.

It is recommended to keep the finished cosmetic product in a glass container. Before applying to the nail plates, the mass must be cooled.

For strength and hair growth

Natural bee product can be used in hair care products. With its help, it is possible to saturate the strands with vitamins, seal the split ends and make the curls more shiny. The composition holds the structure of each hair. This makes it remarkably smooth. Natural wax can also be used as a hair fixative.

To restore the structure of damaged hair and get rid of dandruff, you can make a useful mask. To do this, you need to take half a glass of crushed bee product and melt it in a water bath.In the liquid mass, add 1 cup of olive oil and 1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil. Then the mask must be removed from the stove and add 10 drops of ylang-ylang essential oil to the composition.

The finished composition should be applied to wet hair, moving from the ends to the scalp. The product should be kept for 30-40 minutes, then rinse it off with warm water. Then the head must be washed with shampoo. Thanks to this procedure, the hair will become smoother, manageable and shiny.

A balm is considered no less effective. To make this tool, you need to grind and melt 50 grams of wax. After that, 10 grams of warm oils - shea, cocoa, palm must be added to the warm mass. Then pour into the composition 1 tablespoon of liquid oils - papaya, broccoli, argan, almond.

It is important to consider that homemade balm hardens quickly. Therefore, immediately after preparation, it should be poured into a small container.To use the substance, you need to take a little money and grind it in your hands. Then, with gentle massaging movements, the mass must be distributed over the ends of the hair. Also, this balm can be used to moisturize the skin of hands and lips.

Other applications

Beeswax can be used in other areas of life. Thus, most of this substance returns to the hive in the form of foundation. On the basis of this mass, the bees build their honeycombs. Also a lot of wax is used to make church candles.

This beekeeping product is also used in official medicine. It is used for the production of suppositories, which are prescribed to combat urological, gynecological and other types of problems. In addition, wax is added to creams and ointments, which are used to treat dermatological pathologies, joint diseases, and muscle lesions. Often such a component is present in remedies for diseases of the throat and cough.

Natural wax is actively used in soap making. This substance binds the components. In addition, it has protective, anti-inflammatory and softening properties. In addition, it is known that the product of beekeeping is used in the paint and varnish industry, metallurgy, printing and other industries.


Quality beeswax is practically harmless. The main contraindication to its use is individual intolerance. Also, the product is forbidden to be used by people who are prone to allergies.

Besides this, it is worth taking into account that getting an excess amount of wax into the body can provoke unpleasant symptoms. These include skin itching, rashes, peeling, urticaria.

How to spot a fake

On sale there are natural and artificial wax. In the second variety there are no useful components, and therefore the mass does not have the desired effect on the body. To buy a natural product, you should pay attention to the following features:

  • The shade should be yellow - lighter or dark enough. If the wax has a greenish color, this indicates a high content of propolis in the composition.
  • If you put a natural product in water, it will not sink.
  • When kneading a quality substance in the hands, it does not leave a feeling of fat.
  • When cutting the mass on the cut, you can see a matte coating.
  • Natural formulation does not stick to teeth or gums.
  • Quality product with honey flavor.
  • Natural wax in a jar or ingot has a smooth shape, not a concave shape.
  • When burning, the substance does not smoke and does not form a precipitate.

To purchase a quality and natural bee product, it is recommended to do it at an apiary or at a honey fair.

Storage rules

For cosmetic purposes or for the treatment of diseases, wax is recommended for use within 3 years. For domestic purposes, the composition can be used for an unlimited period of time. This beekeeping product should be kept in a dry and dark place. It is important to protect it from foreign odors, since the mass absorbs them easily.

Wax is a very valuable bee product that can be used in various areas of life. It is used to treat various pathologies - joints, digestive organs, nervous system. Also, the composition can be used for cosmetic purposes.With its help, it is possible to improve the appearance of the skin, hair and nail plates.

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