Which honey is the most useful: a list of species and their characteristics, which variety is better

Which honey is the most useful: a list of species and their characteristics, which variety is better

Today there are many varieties of honey that differ in composition and properties. Therefore, it is quite difficult to clearly answer the question of which honey is considered the most useful. To understand the properties of a product, it is worth studying its chemical composition and organoleptic parameters. At the same time, all varieties are divided into monofloral and polyfloral varieties.

Honey varieties

Currently, there are many varieties of honey, each with its own unique characteristics.

Monofloral honey

This term refers to a variety of honey obtained from plants belonging to the same species. Usually, monofloral mixtures are named after the cultures from which they are made. An example is lime, clover, buckwheat honey.


This variety has a golden yellow color and a delicate taste. The characteristics of the product are associated with a high content of vitamins C and K. It also contains minerals and organic s alts. The healing properties of barberry nectar have been known since ancient times. The product has pronounced hemostatic characteristics.

Cornflower blue

This product has a greenish-yellow tint. It is characterized by a pleasant almond aroma and a peculiar bitter aftertaste. Bees collect nectar from field cornflowers, which are excellent honey plants.

Cornflower honey has a pleasant taste. In addition, it has pronounced medicinal properties. The product has a diuretic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. With pathologies of the kidneys, it is recommended to use freshly squeezed juices with the addition of cornflower blue honey. Lotions from the infusion of cornflower flowers with the addition of this variety of nectar help to cope with inflammation of the mucous membranes of the eyes.


This nectar is collected from heather bushes by bees. The finished product has a dark color and a reddish or brown tint. It is characterized by a pronounced aroma and a bitter aftertaste.

A distinctive feature of the product is the unique shape of the crystal lattice. Honey does not absorb water as much and has a more viscous consistency. Therefore, pumping out such a product is quite difficult.

The composition of heather honey is superior to other varieties.The product contains more minerals and proteins, which makes it much he althier. Due to the high content of protein components, heather nectar does not crystallize during long storage, but folds. Due to this, it acquires a jelly consistency.

The heather variety has pronounced medicinal properties. It is recommended to be used as a diuretic for pathologies of the kidneys and bladder. Also, the composition helps with cardiac dropsy. In addition, the tool can be used to combat rheumatism and gout. Drinking 1 scoop of heather honey before bed can help with insomnia.

The unique composition of the product allows it to be used as an anti-inflammatory agent for lesions of the gastrointestinal tract. It can also be used for disorders in the functioning of the nervous system. In case of inflammation of the oral cavity, it is worth rinsing with infusion of heather branches with the addition of bee nectar.Also, the product helps with reducing the acidity of the stomach.


This honey has a transparent and almost colorless consistency. However, upon crystallization, it becomes milky white and resembles grainy cottage cheese. The product has pronounced restorative properties, prevents insomnia, and successfully copes with pathologies of the digestive system and genitourinary organs.


This honey has a dark tint. It can be brownish-green with reddish undertones or dark brown in color. Such a product has a characteristic aroma and pronounced taste. After crystallization, it looks like a mushy mass.

This variety contains a lot of amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, iron. Buckwheat honey strengthens the heart, facilitates the course of gallstone disease. It is useful for anemia, kidney failure and liver pathologies.


This honey has a golden color. After crystallization, it becomes yellowish-cream. Bees collect nectar from large yellow flowers of white mustard. The product has pronounced medicinal and nutritional properties. It can be used for lesions of the respiratory system.

Polka dots

This kind of honey is made from the flowers of thin-leaved peas, which is mainly found in the steppe regions. The product has a transparent texture, pleasant taste and delicate aroma. It can be used to fight diseases of the digestive organs.


This honey is considered one of the highest quality. It has a light vanilla aroma. Also, the product has a white or light amber tint. Sweet clover honey is an excellent antispasmodic agent that copes well with inflammation.

It can be used for lesions of the throat and respiratory organs. The composition helps with sleep disorders, high blood pressure, constant headaches. It also has diuretic and laxative properties.


This product has a dark red-brown tint, rich aroma and a long-lasting liquid consistency. After crystallization, the mass becomes resinous and contains microscopic particles. The product has a specific taste, in which there are caramel notes and bitterness.

Angelia honey has pronounced antibacterial, expectorant and diaphoretic properties. Therefore, it can be used for lesions of the respiratory organs. With burns and lesions of the epidermis, the composition has a healing effect.

Also, the product improves the functioning of the nervous system, relieves enzymatic deficiency, eliminates constipation and colitis. With its help, it is possible to increase the level of hemoglobin and eliminate prostate diseases. In addition, the composition improves the function of the heart and blood vessels.


This type of honey is made from the nectar of beautiful blackberry flowers. The resulting product is characterized by a transparent texture and pleasant taste. It is recommended to use it to fight colds and kidney pathologies.


The color of the product depends on the honey plant. If the nectar was obtained from the seed chestnut, it is distinguished by a dark brown color. If insects used horse or wild chestnut as raw material, the resulting substance is generally devoid of hue.

Chestnut honey has natural antibiotic properties. It can be used to treat colds and eliminate dermatological pathologies. Also, the composition helps to reduce acidity, speed up metabolism, get rid of intestinal colic.In addition, the substance makes the vascular walls more elastic, normalizes blood pressure, reduces cholesterol in the blood.

With its help, you can get rid of varicose veins, restore a normal menstrual cycle and eliminate discomfort during menstruation. The product also improves the quality of seminal fluid and successfully eliminates erectile dysfunction.


Clover honey is considered one of the best light varieties. In the liquid state, the composition has a transparent and colorless consistency. When crystallized, it turns white and becomes a hard texture.

Such honey perfectly copes with arterial hypertension and inflammation. It contains a lot of tannins. The composition is effective in liver pathologies. It has diuretic, expectorant and diaphoretic properties. Clover honey is also useful for atherosclerosis. It is often prescribed to purify the blood.


This variety can be white, light amber, yellowish and greenish. It is characterized by a delicate aroma and bright taste. Linden honey crystallizes in 1-2 months. At the same time, it resembles a pasty mass that contains small or large particles.

Linden honey has pronounced healing properties and helps to cope with burns and festering wounds. The composition is useful for flu, colds, tracheitis. It can even be used to combat asthma. Linden honey is also useful for worsening heart function, kidney failure, and liver damage. It can be used for kidney diseases and gynecological disorders.


This honey has a light yellow tint and a pleasant smell. It has a viscous texture and excellent taste.The product is useful to use to combat diseases of the digestive organs. It also helps to get rid of dermatological pathologies.


This product can have a different color - from white to amber. Honey has a pleasant aroma and specific taste. It also has a fast crystallization. After sugaring, alfalfa honey turns white and resembles heavy cream. It can be used to strengthen the body and eliminate gastrointestinal pathologies.


This is forest honey, which bees collect in apiaries located near wild raspberry thickets. This variety has a pleasant taste and aroma. It has a light translucent tint. The composition is suitable for combating colds and kidney pathologies. It can also be used to strengthen the body.


This honey has a yellow color. It has a pleasant taste and good aroma. In folk medicine, carrot honey is recommended to be used to combat diseases of the visual organs.


This nectar is obtained from peppermint flowers. The composition has a pleasant taste and aroma. It contains a lot of vitamin C. The product has an amber color. After crystallization, the composition acquires a light yellow tint. Doctors advise using mint honey to combat digestive pathologies. It has calming, choleretic and analgesic properties.


This variety has a golden yellow hue. Honey has a thick and viscous texture.Its characteristic feature is considered to be fast crystallization. The taste and aroma of the product are clearly expressed. Bees get their honey from dandelions that bloom twice a year. Therefore, the product may appear in the first or last roll.

The composition has pronounced antimicrobial properties against pathogenic microflora. At the same time, the substance successfully copes with colitis and dysbacteriosis.


This honey has a golden hue and resembles vegetable oil in appearance. Such nectar is characterized by a sharp taste and aroma. It crystallizes quickly, forming large crystals. Sometimes the product has a slightly greenish tint.

This honey contains a lot of vitamin A. In addition, it has pronounced bactericidal properties.


This honey is made from the nectar of citrus flowers. It has a pleasant taste and good aroma. Orange honey is considered one of the highest quality varieties. Therefore, it can be used with a lack of vitamins and a general decrease in body tone.


This honey has a golden-straw color. It has a characteristic taste and pleasant aroma. This variety of bee nectar is recommended to be used to combat pathologies of the nervous system. It should also be used to eliminate pathologies of the heart and blood vessels.


This variety has a reddish tint, a pleasant taste and a pronounced honey aroma. The composition helps to cope with kidney diseases and eliminate hemorrhoids. Also, the mass helps to strengthen the immune system, normalizes metabolism, helps restore hormonal balance.This variety of honey with the addition of ripe rowan fruits is considered especially useful.

Bluish (from blush)

This is a fairly high-quality product that has an amber color, spicy aroma and excellent taste. The composition has a very thick consistency and slow crystallization. The product is recommended to be used to combat diseases of the respiratory organs. It also helps to get rid of insomnia.


This product is made by bees during the mass flowering of pumpkins. The finished composition has a golden yellow tint, pleasant taste and delicate aroma. It is characterized by very fast crystallization. The composition is recommended to be used to combat diseases of the digestive organs.


This light honey has a reddish tint, pleasant taste and good aroma. It is best used to combat kidney pathologies. Also, the blueberry variety successfully copes with colds, viral infections, sore throats. With its help, it is possible to eliminate spasms, get rid of constipation and colic, and normalize the acidity of the stomach.


This variety is considered first class. It can be greenish, colorless or golden. The product has a pleasant taste and good aroma. After crystallization, the mass acquires a fine-grained texture. The substance successfully copes with sleep disorders and dermatological pathologies.


This product has a delicate aroma and pleasant taste.It harmoniously combines all valuable components. Thanks to this, the sage variety has a complex effect on the body. The product improves the performance of the nervous system, produces a mild relaxing effect, cleanses the blood. The composition also improves the removal of excess fluid from the body, strengthens blood vessels and makes them less permeable.

Types of polyfloral honey

Polyfloral honey is made from different honey plants. Today there are several main varieties of such a product.


This elite variety is harvested in an ecologically clean mountain area. At the same time, bees can use more than 50 honey plants as raw materials. Among them, it is worth highlighting thyme, sage, wild rose, hawthorn. The mountain variety is considered polyfloral, because its aroma combines the smells of many flowers, and the taste contains bitter and tart notes.

Product appearance varies by region of manufacture.In this case, the nectar may have a yellow or brown tint. A natural mountain product perfectly copes with colds, pathologies of the respiratory system, eye and liver damage. Also, the mass is useful for diseases of the thyroid gland, heart and blood vessels. It has a calming effect on the nervous system and has antibacterial properties.


This product is made by bees from the flower nectar of forest trees, bushes and herbs. Maple, willow, acacia act as honey plants. The bees also collect the nectar of willow, raspberry, thyme and other plants.

The forest variety is characterized by a tart bitter taste and fragrant aroma. The shade of the product depends on which plants are honey plants. It can be light or dark. With prolonged storage, the mass becomes heterogeneous. At the same time, small crystals appear in it.

Forest variety is considered very healing. It includes many vitamins and minerals. Due to this, nectar increases the level of hemoglobin, tones the body and is used for sleep disorders.


This variety is considered very popular. It is made from various field herbs. The raw material can be valerian, oregano, thyme. The bees also collect nectar from wild rose, clover, dandelion, chamomile.

The taste of the product is affected by its composition. The color scheme is also different - from transparent to light brown. The product has a sweet taste, in which there is a slight bitterness. Also, the mass has a pleasant herbal smell.

If rosehip dominates in nectar, honey includes many vitamins. Chamomile and sage give honey anti-inflammatory properties. If the mass contains a lot of thyme, then it acquires diuretic, bactericidal and expectorant properties.


This nectar is made from meadow plants - thyme, white clover, dandelion. Also, bees use St. John's wort, sweet clover, cow parsnip as raw materials. If the mass is dominated by dandelion nectar, it has a rich yellow color.

Meadow honey has a pleasant taste and aroma. The composition has pronounced antibacterial properties. It can be used to combat various pathologies, especially kidney. The product has anti-inflammatory, softening and analgesic properties.


This is the earliest honey, which is pumped out from mid-May to early June. The product has light shades and a sweet taste, in which there are no bitter notes. Immediately after pumping, the nectar resembles a light sweet syrup with almost no smell. May honey gets its final form only after 3-5 months.

This variety has a pleasant aroma. As a raw material for its manufacture, bees use various honey plants that bloom in spring - bird cherry, lilies of the valley, strawberries, willow, sage and many other plants.

May variety has pronounced medicinal properties. An important advantage of the product is low allergenicity, so it can be given to children.

The he althiest honey

It is difficult to unambiguously name the most useful variety of honey in the world. Doctors call buckwheat one of the most valuable products. This is due to the fact that it contains twice as many amino acids and trace elements as other species. Also, the product can be chosen to combat anemia, arterial hypertension, dermatological pathologies. Buckwheat product successfully copes with gastritis, colds and stomatitis.

Another valuable product is lime nectar. It is worth buying for the treatment of a runny nose, cough and bronchial asthma. Also, the product has pronounced healing properties. Therefore, it is often used to restore the skin with burns and wounds.

The most common variety of bee nectar is acacia. It should be used as a general tonic. People who like a bitter taste are advised to pay attention to the heather variety. It also helps to normalize appetite.

In any case, only a high-quality natural product will benefit the body. In order not to encounter a fake, it is recommended to consider the following:

  1. Beekeeping products must be purchased in specialized stores that carry out veterinary control. Be sure to read the documents that confirm the quality of the nectar.
  2. Fresh honey should not drip off the spoon as it rotates, but lie down in a heap.
  3. In October honey should be candied. The only exception is the white locust product, which remains liquid for a long time.
  4. The mass should have a uniform texture, have a pleasant taste and smell.

How to determine which honey by color

To determine the variety of honey, you should pay attention to its shade. The color of the product is due to honey plants, from which bees extract nectar. By the amount of vitamins, the leading positions are occupied by white varieties.At the same time, the maximum amount of trace elements is present in dark varieties. They are rich in iron, copper, manganese and other substances.

Dark varieties of honey have a rich brown tint. It can vary from brown to bright amber in color. These varieties include eucalyptus, heather, blueberry. Buckwheat, mountain ash, coniferous honey should also be given as an example.

Light or white varieties can have different shades - from golden yellow to translucent. They are extracted from the flowers and leaves of various plants - mustard, blackberry, barberry, white and pink clover. Also, light varieties include motherwort, lavender, raspberry, mint and other flower varieties of honey.

Honey is a very he althy product that includes a large number of unique vitamins and minerals. At the same time, there are quite a few varieties that differ in the content of valuable components. This allows you to choose the best option depending on the problem that you want to solve.

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