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Fertilizer Baikal EM-1: instructions for use and composition, purpose

Fertilizer Baikal EM-1: instructions for use and composition, purpose

"Baikal EM" is an effective microbiological fertilizer that is used to improve the characteristics of different types of soil. With its help, it is possible to restore fertility and improve the process of growing a variety of crops - vegetables, flowers, fruits and berries. For this substance to work, the instructions for using the Baikal EM-1 fertilizer should be clearly followed.

What is this fertilizer

This unique substance belongs to the category of microbiological agents that improve the composition and structure of the soil. This substance makes the soil more fertile.In addition, the drug has a positive effect on the state of plantings. It can be used for outdoor plants and indoor plants.


The product does not contain nitrogen, phosphorus or potassium. They are formed from organic elements that are in the soil, but plants are not able to absorb them themselves.

"Baikal EM-1" is a unique substance that contains the following components:

  1. Lactic acid bacteria. They help to clean the soil from harmful chemicals. In poor soil, such elements make it possible to isolate nutrients that are considered difficult to obtain. In addition, these components help to cope with weeds. This effect is achieved due to the decomposition of the root cut off after weeding.
  2. Yeast - These include aerobic and anaerobic elements. They produce substances that help protect crops from pathologies. The preparation contains new microorganisms - Torulopsis Curunga. They were discovered by the developer of the drug Shablin.
  3. Nitrogen-fixing bacteria. These elements hold nitrogen, preventing it from evaporating in the form of ammonia compounds. Such components have a good effect on the development of crops at various stages.
  4. Photosynthetic bacteria. They contribute to the rejuvenation of plants. With the help of such substances, it is possible to start the process of cell and tissue regeneration.

In total, 1 liter of Baikal EM-1 contains about 1 billion effective microorganisms. The fertilizer also contains the remains of vital activity and nutrients in which bacterial microorganisms were grown.


The drug belongs to the group of microbiological fertilizers and to the fourth hazard class. It is produced in different forms:

  1. Concentrated solution. It is sold in white bottles with a green cap.
  2. Mother concentrate. It includes bacteria in suspended animation. The substance can be purchased in white bottles with a yellow cap. The product is sold in an orange box. The mother concentrate needs additional preparation so that the working solution can mature.
It is recommended to apply fertilizer at a temperature of at least +10 degrees, since in cooler conditions beneficial microorganisms become less active.

What is used for

When entering the soil, microorganisms begin to transform the nutrients that are present in it into a form accessible to plants. Simultaneously, the synthesis of humic acids, a number of amino acids, enzyme substances and vitamins takes place.

With the use of "Baikal EM-1" it is possible to achieve a number of effects. The drug is used to solve such problems:

  • stimulating the process of composting plant residues;
  • greenhouse processing;
  • spraying seedlings;
  • soaking seeds;
  • foliar feeding of plants;
  • preparation of soil for planting.

The drug "Baikal" is used not only in agriculture. It is also used in animal husbandry and medicine. According to a number of scientists, the substance also brings great benefits to people. Through the soil, valuable microorganisms penetrate fruits, berries and vegetables, giving them unique characteristics. The use of such fruits is well reflected in the human body. For example, carrots that have been grown using the product are comparable in vitamins and minerals to ginseng.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main benefits of the drug include the following:

  • normalization of soil structure and increase of its fertility;
  • quick warming up of the soil and strengthening its moisture capacity and breathability;
  • resistance to diseases, vermin attack, decay;
  • increasing the fertile layer;
  • excellent seed germination;
  • faster fruit development and ripening;
  • ease of adapting seedlings to new conditions;
  • abundant and lush flowering in flower crops;
  • improved palatability and shelf life;
  • reduction of nitrates and s alts of heavy metals;
  • accelerate compost maturation and eliminate odor.

At the same time, the drug "Baikal EM-1" has a number of disadvantages. The main disadvantages of this substance include the following:

  • the need to create and maintain certain conditions for the use of the product - the drug needs specific parameters of humidity, temperature, acidity;
  • cannot be combined with fungicides;
  • inability to use when roots are damaged;
  • minimum expiration date.

Instructions for use

The product must be used exactly according to the instructions. If it is violated, it will not be possible to achieve the desired results.

Preparation of mortar

Manufacturers advise using the substance in the form of a concentrate or in the form of an aqueous solution. In the second case, the liquid must be prepared strictly according to the instructions. To do this, you need to go through the following steps:

  1. Pour 3 liters of warm boiled water into a bucket.
  2. Open the drug container.
  3. Put 1 tablespoon of a sweet product in water - honey, jam, sugar.
  4. Add fertilizer.
  5. Put the composition in a warm and dark place.
  6. After 24 hours, add the sweet component again and mix thoroughly.
  7. In another day put sugar again. A total of 3 tablespoons of sugar per 3 liters of water is required.
  8. Once a day, the mass must be opened to release gas.
  9. In a week the working fluid will be ready.

The resulting composition must be kept in the refrigerator and used as needed. It should be borne in mind that 5 milliliters of solution is placed in a full cap. In addition, it is convenient to dose it with a disposable syringe.

Aqueous solution of the drug "Baikal EM-1" just needs to be mixed with water. This composition is suitable for processing small areas. It can be applied immediately. In this case, preparation is not required.

Seed use

"Baikal EM-1" is perfect for processing seed material at the stage of preparation for planting. This procedure produces the following results:

  • improve germination parameters;
  • get rid of dangerous microorganisms;
  • energize the seed and stimulate crop growth.

To get the desired effect, the seeds need to be dried and immersed in the solution for 6-8 hours. To prepare it, it is recommended to take 10 drops of the product per 200 milliliters of water. After soaking, the planting material needs to be mixed from time to time. This ensures a uniform effect of the substance. Then the grains need to be dried and planted in the ground.

For seedlings

Seedling spray must be filtered. For its preparation, it is recommended to mix the preparation "Baikal EM-1" with water in a ratio of 1:1000. Plants are treated with a watering can or sprayer.

Seedlings should be sprayed a day before transplanting into open ground. Then this is done every day until complete adaptation. The soil must be watered with a solution immediately after planting. This will help make the seedlings more stress-resistant.

For tillage

Preparing the beds is required when the earth warms up to + 12-18 degrees. Thanks to special manipulations, it is possible to replenish the reserves of valuable substances, minerals and other components important for plants.

Experts advise watering the beds with the preparation "Baikal EM-1" 10 days before planting seedlings. Also, manure or compost should be added to the wells. Aisles should be covered with mowed grass or leaves. Then you need to shed the area with a solution of the drug. For its preparation, the fertilizer is mixed with water in a ratio of 1:100. For 1 square meter of planting, a minimum of 3 liters of solution will be required.


When working with a substance, it is important to adhere to the rules of personal safety. To do this, you must follow these recommendations:

  1. Work with fertilizer using personal protective equipment.
  2. Do not drink, eat or talk while working.
  3. Wash hands and face when finished. Work clothes should also be washed.
  4. If substance comes in contact with skin, wash affected area with plenty of water.

Tips and FAQs

When using the substance, many people have interesting questions:

  1. In what form is the drug produced? The product is sold in small bottles with a liquid concentrate. It must be diluted with water before use.
  2. How long can the working solution be stored? Such a liquid retains its properties for 6 months.
  3. What is the shelf life of the concentrate? This period is 1 year. It is required to store the composition at a temperature of + 5-15 degrees.

When you should not use fertilizer

The drug is not recommended for the treatment of plants that have a damaged root system.In addition, it cannot be used in its pure form. This can lead to the death of crops. Another restriction is the ban on the combination of Baikal EM-1 with chlorine-based preparations and fungicides.

"Baikal EM-1" is an effective tool that helps to significantly improve the structure and composition of the soil. Thanks to this, the substance has a positive effect on the development and yield of crops that grow in cultivated soil.

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