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Canadian Spruce Konik Desember: description, planting and care, application

Canadian Spruce Konik Desember: description, planting and care, application

Canadian spruce Konica Desember is a rather unusual and very attractive coniferous culture. It is characterized by compact dimensions and a decorative crown. The plant is often used in landscape design and used to decorate home interiors. A distinctive feature of spruce is a dense cone-shaped crown and a sharp top. In order for the culture to always look decorative, it needs to be properly looked after.

What a tree looks like

According to the description, Konika December is a beautiful and compact tree that has an attractive decorative shape.Spruce has thin and flexible shoots, regular conical shape with a pointed top and brownish buds. Also, the tree is characterized by a superficial arrangement of roots.

The crown seems thick due to needles. It has a soft structure and a pleasant pronounced aroma, in which notes of currant are felt. Curved needles reach a length of 1-1.8 centimeters and have a light green tint. Over the years, they become gray.

Sometimes small light brown cones appear on the tree, which are located mainly in the upper part of the tree - from the central part to the top. The culture is characterized by rather slow growth. For a year it grows a maximum of 8-15 centimeters. The average size of a tree is 4-5 meters. In this case, the diameter can reach about 2 meters. 10 years after planting, the tree grows up to 2-5 meters - the specific dimensions depend on the growing conditions.

Popular variety varieties

Konica December is far from the only popular variety. Thanks to the efforts of breeders, it was possible to obtain other varieties of Koniki. The most popular varieties include the following:

  1. Elegance Compact - this culture was obtained in Czechoslovakia in the fifties of the last century. Despite the similarity with the base variety, this plant has some differences. For 1 year, spruce grows by 5 centimeters. The shoots are characterized by a light green color. In this case, the needles are distinguished by a rich green tint. The maximum tree size is 2.5 meters. At the same time, the cones do not exceed 1 centimeter in length.
  2. Alberta Globe - is a breeding variety bred in the Netherlands. The plant is a shrub measuring 1 meter. In appearance, it resembles a ball with a dense crown. This variety is characterized by the radial placement of shoots.For a year, spruce grows on average by 10 centimeters. By the age of 10, the height of the culture does not exceed 50 centimeters. A distinctive feature of the plant is considered to be tender soft needles, the length of which is 1 centimeter. Yellowish color is typical for old needles, and green for young ones. Sometimes twigs are decorated with small brown cones.
  3. Gnome - the height of this tree does not exceed 1.5 meters in height. Spruce has a conical shape and lush branches. The maximum needle size reaches 7 millimeters.
  4. Laurin - this variety is considered quite rare. Its distinguishing feature is slow development. During the year, young plants increase by 5 centimeters. Mature trees grow by 2 centimeters at all.
  5. Maygold - this hybrid variety has golden needles and has a compact size. The culture is characterized by a beautiful cone-shaped crown. The needles have a soft structure and reach a length of 8 centimeters.

How to plant a spruce

Planting work is usually carried out in the middle of spring. For spruce, you should choose well-ventilated and bright places without gusty winds and accumulation of cold water. The tree thrives in full sun, but should be shaded with non-woven material in spring.

The ground should be moderately moist and breathable. It is important that it is sour and nutritious enough. The ideal environment will be loams with acidity parameters at the level of 4-5.5. Lime and dense soil in this case will not work.

Before planting, you need to make a hole 2 times larger than a clod of soil with roots. At the bottom, it is necessary to lay a drainage measuring 15-20 centimeters. It is also necessary to use a substrate with fertilizers. During planting, you need to spread the roots well. In this case, it is important to ensure that the root neck is on the same level with the surface of the earth.

After planting, spruce should be watered abundantly and covered with a mulch layer around the trunk circle. When planting several plants, it is important to observe the interval between them. Its size should be 2 meters.


To preserve the decorativeness of the culture, it is necessary to irrigate it in time, loosen and weed the soil, clean the crown and apply fertilizer. Crown cleaning is the removal of dry needles and shoots. To do this, carefully push the branches apart and remove the yellow needles. In this case, the formation of the crown can not be engaged.

You need to water the tree as the soil dries. It is usually enough to moisten the soil once a week. In dry and hot weather, crown sprinkling is recommended.

Fertilizers should be applied 2 times a year - in spring and autumn. At the same time, it is recommended to use nitroammophoska in spring, and complexes with potassium and phosphorus content in autumn.

Spruce propagation

Spruce can be propagated by seeds and cuttings. At the same time, the use of seeds is considered to be a rather long and laborious process. In addition, it does not always allow preserving the varietal characteristics of the culture.

Spruce breeds faster by cuttings. In addition, this procedure helps to preserve the varietal characteristics of plants. Cuttings harvested in the spring can be rooted in 3-4 months. Autumn shoots take six months to do this.

Application in landscape design

Canadian spruce Konica Desember is often used in landscape design. It can be used as a tapeworm and in combination with other plants. The variety looks great with decorative deciduous and flowering crops. Also, a coniferous plant looks great with hostas and cereals. It is often used to decorate rocky gardens, rock gardens, rockeries.In addition, the culture is suitable for the formation of a beautiful hedge.

Konica December is a beautiful variety of spruce, which is often used to decorate summer cottages, parks and alleys. In order for the culture to retain its decorative effect, it is important to strictly follow the rules for planting and adhere to the basic agrotechnical recommendations.

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