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Bokashi: what is it and instructions for use, how to do it yourself

Bokashi: what is it and instructions for use, how to do it yourself

"Bokashi" is a common microbiological top dressing, which helps to increase soil fertility in a short time. This active preparation stimulates and accelerates the process of soil formation. In appearance, it resembles bran that has been fermented by valuable microorganisms. As a result, useful elements are formed that accelerate the growth of plants.

What is Bokashi

Feeding "Bokashi" was invented by the Japanese. Its basis is considered to be wheat bran enriched with microorganisms, which have undergone a fermentation process.This fertilizer is perfect for fans of organic farming. It immediately restores soil fertility. The use of the substance contributes to the rapid reproduction of beneficial microflora and the suppression of pathogens.

The use of fertilizer helps to improve the rooting and development of garden plants. Thanks to this, they do not get sick so often and bring a rich harvest. The use of top dressing helps to more effectively absorb nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium from the soil. Due to this, it is possible to significantly strengthen the immunity of plants.

The composition is permissible to fall asleep in the country toilet. This will eliminate the smell. This effect is achieved within 12 hours. A similar effect is observed when using the product in a chicken coop.

Cattle breeders often put Bokashi in their feed. This helps to normalize digestion, improve the appearance of wool, improve the quality of meat and milk.

Useful properties

The use of "Bokashi" helps to achieve the following results:

  1. Activation of fermentation of organic waste - food residues, fallen leaves, hay. The use of the substance accelerates the maturation of the compost and the overdrying of fresh manure.
  2. Improve soil composition for seedlings and potted plants.
  3. Possibility of restoring grass withered from the sun.
  4. Stimulating the absorption of useful elements from the soil.
  5. Preventing the development of dangerous bacteria.
  6. Increasing the proportion of humus in the soil.

To improve the soil in problem areas, the use of Bokashi must be combined with the planting of green manure.

Advantages and disadvantages of using

The benefits of using fertilizer include the following:

  1. The ability to recycle food waste. This method is considered convenient and environmentally friendly. At the same time, the method helps to utilize even meat and fish, which are not added to ordinary compost. By sealing the buckets, flies and other vermin can be avoided. Therefore, they can even be kept in the kitchen.
  2. Eliminate the need to collect and move waste to landfill. This reduces the chance of nature being polluted.
  3. Quick composting. Waste is composted twice as fast as the conventional method.
  4. No need to systematically add raw materials such as worms to special farms. It will be possible to speed up the process of obtaining compost by cutting waste into small pieces. However, this may not be done.

At the same time, Bokashi has a number of disadvantages:

  1. Saturation of the contents of the container with useful substances only after being buried in the ground.
  2. The need to use a second bucket while preparing waste in the first.

How to make Bokashi from bran with your own hands

To make Bokashi, you will need the following:

  • 100 grams of sea s alt;
  • 1 kilogram of bran;
  • 100 grams of sugar;
  • 100 milliliters of EM drugs - it is acceptable to use Shining or Baikal;
  • 600 milliliters of water without chlorine.

First you need to dissolve the s alt in the water, and then add the sugar. It is best to use warm water. After dissolving s alt and sugar, it is necessary to pour "Baikal" and mix. Pour the syrup into the bran and mix the ingredients thoroughly again.

To check the moisture content of bran, you need to make a lump out of them. It is important that its shape is maintained, but with a minimal touch, the lump should crumble.

Then, put the bran into a tight plastic bag and squeeze out as much air as possible. The less it remains, the better the product will be. Then the package needs to be tied up and put away in a dark place for a couple of weeks. During this period, the bran will undergo fermentation and will be ready for use.

You can judge the quality of a fertilizer by its smell. A pleasant aroma of apples or fresh bread should come from the bag. If the smell turned out to be rotten, it is better not to apply top dressing.

Ready-made fertilizer must be used in a few days. Then it will peroxide and deteriorate. Top dressing must be kept in a dark place. It must be hermetically sealed.

Instructions for the use of fertilizer

To be successful with Bokashi, it is important to apply this natural fertilizer correctly.

When sowing

Any seeds can be planted by mixing with Bokashi. The next feeding of cultivated plants should be carried out at the stage of active vegetation.

When planting vegetables and fruit plants

"Bokashi" can be used for different plants. Top dressing should be applied directly to the holes. Usually use about 1 tablespoon of the substance. Seedlings can be additionally treated with an EM preparation. This method helps to increase the content of beneficial microorganisms in the soil structure. Thanks to this, it is possible to achieve the full development of crops.

Ground application

Fermented bran can be poured onto the surface of the soil. In this case, it is required to retreat from the cultures of 30 centimeters. After that, the beds should be covered with mulch. Such top dressing should be alternated with EM preparations.

Soil mix for seedlings

For feeding seedlings, it is recommended to take a glass of natural fertilizer and mix it with a bucket of soil. Then wrap with foil and put in a warm place. There the soil mixture can ripen. This will take 3 weeks.

Preparing the infusion

To make an infusion, it is recommended to fill a bucket with green mass, add a glass of sugar and 2 glasses of Bokashi. After that, the container must be filled with water, closed and left for 1 week in a warm place, stirring daily. After a week, the infusion should be filtered. It can be used as a fertilizer by mixing with water. To do this, 1 cup of the substance should be used for 10 liters of water.


If not all the fertilizer has been used, you can squeeze the air out of the bag, tie it up and keep it in a dark, cool place. At the same time, Bokashi is recommended to be protected from the sun and frost. The drug can be stored at a temperature of + 5-25 degrees. In such a situation, it retains its properties for 1 year.

Natural top dressing does not endanger the he alth of people and animals. Therefore, specific protective measures are not needed when using it.

"Bokashi" is an effective fertilizer that helps to saturate the soil with valuable substances. In order for the drug to give the desired effect, you must strictly follow the instructions for its use.

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